CSG-Editor Linux program Demo

This program is for editing and rendering CSG (Constructive Solid Geometry) objects (or brushes if that is a preferred term) and to output csg/bsp text file for e.g. 3D-engine programmers. NOTE: This is pre-alpha version, so there are bugs and many algorithms are under development. CSG, although seventh version, can still produce nasty holes.

Textures are mainly collected from website archivetextures.net, and they were stated as 'free for non-commercial use'.

Program is freeware and free to distribute. Target system is 64-bit Debian 8 Linux. Binary is linked mainly with static libraries to reduce need to install packages via apt or aptitude. Rendering is tested with NVIDIA GTX1080.

Demo is designed to run in 1920x1080 screen. Some of the window components, like main window, are rigid and make not possible of sizing smaller.

In order to render and utilize full potential of program OpenGL 3.3 or above is needed, although minimum functionality could be seen e.g. by VirtualBox.

Binary contains help-manual.


  • move csg-editor_20082018.tar.gz to suitable subdirectory which will become rundirectory
  • uncompress gzip with 'gunzip csg-editor_20082018.tar.gz'
  • unpack tar with 'tar -xf csg-editor_20082018.tar'
  • binary will start with './csg'

  • Screenshots


    CSG-Editor Demo (20.8.2018) 48Mb
    MD5SUM: 7574f56f3fb792e5b79e8ce35cd97a86

    Copyright Dr.Strange 8/2018, Finland. Last updated 20.8.2018