ICD-10 -Browser

This program is for browsing ICD-10 classification of deseases, intented for doctors and other professionals of medicine.

Program is free for use and to distribute.

ICD database is formed from on-line data from website (U.S.) https://www.cms.gov/Medicare/Coding/ICD10/2020-ICD-10-CM, where also the latest information of the classification can be found.

There will be some improvements to the program which are to be released at later time.


ICD10ENG.exe (32-bit version, 1.00 3/2020)
MD5-checksum: ac8dde4443f491bf86fd84d01acb2745

There is no actual installation utility, but program is to be downloaded and placed into desired subdirectory, and it can be executed from there. Via the 'Info'-button there is a link with which an icon to program can be created into desktop.
I always recommend precautions with programs downloaded from Internet, and it is also recommended to virusscan this program before execution.

3/2020, P.U. Finland. Last updated 12.3.2020